The NIA arrests three suspects in the Coimbatore blast case

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested three people on Wednesday in connection with the October 23 blast near Kottai Eswaran Temple in Coimbatore’s Ukkadam area. ISIS’ global terror group ISIS is accused of supporting the 25-year-old who died in the explosion.

The explosive-laden car on Diwali blew up, killing its occupant. The NIA re-registered the case on October 27 after it was registered at the Ukkadam police station on October 23. “Umar Faaruq (39) alias K Srinivasan of Nilgiris district, Mohammed Thoufeek (25) of Coimbatore, and Ferose Khan (28) of Coimbatore were arrested for their involvement in the October 23 explosion,” an NIA spokesperson said.

As a result of preliminary investigations, it’s clear that Jamesha Mubeen planned to commit suicide attack after taking the bayath (oath of allegiance) to ISIS, cause extensive damage to religious symbols and monuments, and cause terror among people, the spokesperson said.

“Investigations have revealed Faaruq and Khan were at the conspiracy meetings Mubeen attended at Farooq’s house in Nilgiris district. Also, the accused supported Mubeen. According to the spokesperson, Thoufeek had incriminating literature and books related to radical Islam and notes on how to make explosives.

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