The nomination for Shashi Tharoor for Congress president will be filed on September 30

The chairman of the Congress central election authority, Madhusudan Mistry, said Tuesday that AICC treasurer Pawan Kumar Bansal had collected nomination forms, adding that it may be for someone else.

According to Mistry, Tharoor’s representative told his office he’ll file his nomination for president on September 30 at 11 a.m.

He handed Sonia Gandhi’s voter’s ID card to her at her 10 Janpath residence on Tuesday, Mistry told reporters at AICC headquarters.

Gandhi was also briefed on how many collected nomination forms were and about the delegates.

On Monday, Bansal got nomination forms from his office, possibly as a supporter.

Asked whether Bansal collected the forms for himself or someone else, Mistry said he couldn’t know since it isn’t the procedure to ask who is collecting forms since any delegate can do it.

According to the party’s notification, nominations for the election will be accepted from September 24-30.

There is a deadline of October 1 for scrutinizing nomination papers and a deadline of October 8 for withdrawing nominations.

The final list of candidates will be published on October 8 at 5 p.m.

The polling will take place on October 17, if necessary. Results will be announced the same day as counting votes on October 19.

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