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The rupture of Pavel Antov’s lungs, liver, and spleen caused his death, according to an autopsy report.

Pavel Antov, a Russian sausage tycoon and regional lawmaker, died due to rupture of the left pleura, lungs, liver, and spleen, resulting in haemorrhage shock, according to an autopsy report obtained by The Deccan Era.

The autopsy report of Pavel, 65, who was discovered dead on December 24, was signed by a team of doctors from the district headquarters hospital in Rayagada on December 27. The report said that Pavel’s death was “accidental.” In addition, there are no indications of ligature or dissection on the neck. The autopsy was performed on December 26, according to the police.

On the evening of December 24, Pavel’s body was discovered on top of a single-story building adjacent to the main building of the Hotel Sai International in Rayagada, Odisha, where he was staying. Earlier in the day, he attended the funeral of his hotel roommate Vladimir Bidenov (62). On December 22, Bidenov was found unconscious in their room.

Despite the police claim that Pavel’s death may have been caused by a fall from the hotel’s terrace (which will be between 8 and 10 metres in height), the post-mortem report indicates that Pavel’s vital cranium (head bones) and spinal canal are normal and intact, including the scalp, skull, vertebrae, membranes, brain, and spinal cord. On December 21, four Russians had checked into the hotel.

There were no injuries to the muscles or dislocations of the bones. According to the autopsy report, however, the left humerus and left ribs were fractured.

On the thorax, the region between the belly and the base of the neck, accounts indicate that while the left lung ruptured, the right lung went pale while being intact. It was reported that the heart was healthy and all chambers were empty. Blood clots were discovered in the trachea and larynx, an anterior neck cartilaginous region of the respiratory tract.

In a comprehensive description, the doctors noted several injuries on the body, despite the fact that they were all pre-mortem in nature. About 200 millilitres of partially digested food was discovered in Pavel’s stomach, however there was no discernible odour.

Pavel, a Christian with the passport number 758116026, was burned at a small crematorium in Rayagada by the police following correspondence with the Russian consulate general office in Kolkata, hours after an autopsy was performed. According to the report, his Russian travel companion, Turov Mikhail, their Rajasthani tour guide, Jitendra Singh, and a police officer from the Rayagada police station were present at the body.

According to the autopsy report of Bidenov, a resident of Yoshkar Ola, Soviet Street, Russia, cardiorespiratory failure owing to a cardiogenic aetiology may have caused his death. The experts who performed the autopsy stated that the specific cause of death could be determined by analysing the viscera.

The physicians also reported that Bidenov’s stomach contained 100 cc of a substance with an odour similar to opium or cannabis, for which they removed viscera from all vital organs and sent them to the State Forensic Laboratory for study.


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