There is no doubt that Maradona is a better player than Messi, according to Ossie Ardiles

Even if Lionel Messi wins the World Cup, he will not be able to surpass Diego Maradona, according to 1978 World Cup winner Ossie Ardiles.

Maradona will always be regarded as the one-true GOAT, according to Ardiles.

“I would not describe myself as being ahead of Diego, but perhaps on equal terms,” said the former Argentina international.

“Messi is a wonderful player in every sense of the word.

In my opinion, he is the best player of his generation, if not the best player in football history.

It is my opinion that he can only compete on a level with Maradona, and I personally would opt for Maradona.

The reason I choose Maradona is because when we played football, I think it was much more difficult for a skilled player to play.

It is certain that he will always be a touch, touch, touch better than Messi.

According to Ardiles, Kylian Mbappe will pose a significant threat to Messi’s Argentina team in the final.

Mbappe is the only player who should be concerned, he added.

He will always find space and find the ball, regardless of how you mark him, and it is the final, so he will be extremely dangerous.

“I expect him to play an important role in the final, but I expect Lionel Messi to play an even greater role – so we will win.”

The summit clash will be played on Sunday between Argentina and France.

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