There were 132 jobs in the Central Government that were filled by quota in the first two years: House data

Following the implementation of the EWS reservation in 2019 and 2020, 132 persons have taken advantage of its benefits in Central government jobs, according to information shared with Parliament. Due to Covid, most of these two years were affected by a countrywide lockdown.

Pratima Bhoumik, Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, informed the Lok Sabha on April 5 that according to the Department of Personnel & Training, 85 persons have benefited from the EWS reservation as of 1.1.2020; 132 persons have benefited as of 1.1.2021.

In response to a question by BJP member Ramdas Chandrabhanji Tadas, Bhoumik shared this information.

No information is available on those who received EWS benefits in central government jobs after January 1, 2021. Additionally, no data is available regarding those who received EWS benefits while working for state governments.

According to Bhoumik’s reply in Parliament, the government has also allocated Rs 4,315 crore to various ministries to implement the EWS reservation program. According to the minister, the state governments issue EWS certificates to all eligible candidates who apply for the certificate and meet the criteria for EWS eligibility.

During the next 18 months, the Center plans to recruit 10 lakh, people for government jobs.

The Parliament passed a Constitution (103rd) Act 2019 in January 2019. January 19 was the date of the passing of the order to this effect.

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