Those who do not believe in democracy have no place in it: Nadda, the president of the BJP, is targeting Rahul Gandhi.

On Sunday, BJP President J P Nadda accused Rahul Gandhi of overstepping all democratic norms and said he should be sent packing “lock, stock, and barrel” in a democratic way.

“Those who do not believe in democracy have no place in a democracy,” Nadda said in his presentation after virtually inaugurating his party’s youth wing, the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, which is being held in Chennai.

The Congress has become intellectually bankrupt, according to the BJP president, who claims Gandhi “instigated” foreign powers such as the United States and European countries to intervene in India’s internal affairs by stating they were “oblivious” to the threat to democracy in India. “Rahul Gandhi has surpassed all democratic boundaries,” he stated.

Nadda asked what kind of statements he makes, claiming that the people of India do not listen to him but only tolerate him. “With his despicable words regarding India’s democratic values, Rahul Gandhi not only humiliated the nation but also asked foreign nations to intervene in our country,” the BJP president stated. Nadda believes he should be sent packing democratically.

On the other hand, the Congress has refuted the BJP’s claim, with Gandhi requesting permission to speak in Parliament in response to governing party members’ condemnation of his comments in the United Kingdom. The Congress has accused the BJP of “misrepresenting” his words in order to shift attention away from the Adani problem.

With the start of the second portion of Parliament’s budget session on March 13, the BJP has demanded an apology from Gandhi.

During his encounters in the UK, Rahul Gandhi claimed that the structures of Indian democracy were under attack and that there was a “full-scale assault” on the country’s institutions.

Gandhi’s words sparked a political brawl, with the BJP accusing him of maligning India on foreign grounds and demanding foreign intervention, and the Congress responding by highlighting examples of Prime Minister Narendra Modi bringing internal politics to the fore on foreign turf.

In his speech, Nadda also emphasised the beneficial developments that the administration has brought to the country’s young.

“India has been truly revolutionised under Modi Ji’s leadership. “This is an exciting period for young people,” he remarked, highlighting the growing number of professional educational institutions such as IIMs, IITs, medical colleges, and universities. Before 2014, countries saw India as one of the most “corrupt” nations that “crawled on its knees” and followed others, according to the BJP president. He claimed that it was characterised by policy paralysis.

It has become a leading country that shows the way to the rest of the world under Modi’s leadership, with the prime minister guiding the country out of corruption, criminalization, and dynastic rule and placing it on the path of inclusive growth, according to Nadda.

“Modi has provided a major financial allocation and support for the players to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities in the future Olympics, Asian Games, and many other sports events,” he said, adding that the National Air Sport Strategy 2022 is another noteworthy milestone.

According to him, it lays out the ambition of becoming India one of the top sports nations by 2030 by establishing a safe, affordable, accessible, pleasant, and sustainable air sports environment in India.

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