Venkatesh Varma, an ex-envoy in Moscow, has an extensive background in Explained events

On February 24, Russian troops invaded Ukraine disrupting the post-World War II global order. After the war, shock waves traveled to almost every corner of the globe.

The price of energy and food has risen, affecting economies around the world. There hasn’t been a cost-of-living crisis of this magnitude in decades in much of Europe.

Should President Vladimir Putin cut off gas supplies, industrial unrest is growing, and a long, cold winter looms.

How far away are we from the end of the conflict? What’s the current situation with India? How does it affect India’s ties with Europe and the US? In the Indo-Pacific, where India has deep interests, how does China view the war?

The answers to these questions and more will be discussed at the Explained. Live event on “Seven Months of War: Where the Russia-Ukraine conflict stands, and what it means for India.” with D B Venkatesh Varma, former Indian ambassador to Russia.

Ambassador Varma has three postings in Moscow spanning three decades, giving him a lot of experience in India’s strategic ties with Russia. In his role as Indian ambassador to Moscow from 2018 to 2021, he was involved in developing India’s ties with Russia, including the Act Far East Initiative.

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