Vietnam downgrades Typhoon Noru to a tropical storm but warns of flood risk

Vietnam downgraded Typhoon Noru to a tropical depression on Wednesday, but warned residents to remain vigilant because of risks from flooding and landslides caused by heavy rains, the government said.

The storm made landfall in the early hours with winds of 72mph in Quang Nam province, home to the historic city of Hoi An and the resort of Danang, the weather agency told state media.

“I don’t know if my roof is broken yet. The wind is very strong,” 70-year-old Le Thi Buoi said by telephone from a shelter in the coastal community of Tam Ky.

“You can hear the roar even inside this shelter,” she said.

There were no immediate reports of casualties, but photos posted on social media and state media showed trees being felled and roads blocked.

Noru was the strongest storm to hit the neighbouring Philippines this year and when it made landfall on Sunday night, it killed at least eight people, flooded fields and communities and damaged crops, mainly rice.

Vietnam is also vulnerable to devastating storms and floods due to its long coastline. Official figures show that natural disasters – mainly hurricane-induced floods and landslides – killed 139 people and injured 150 others in the country last year.

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