Was shocked to hear PM Modi speak against MGNREGA, he didn’t understand its depth: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks against MGNREGA in the Lok Sabha in 2015. Gandhi said that he did not understand its depth.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks against MGNREGA in the Lok Sabha in 2015. He said he was shocked to hear PM Modi calling the scheme a living memorial of UPA’s failures. This made me realize that the PM has not understood the depth of MGNREGA.

Addressing the MGNREGA workers’ meet at Kolyadi in Sultan Bathery’s Wayanad district, Rahul Gandhi said, “PM Modi did not understand that MGNREGA had changed the Indian labour market forever. He did not understand that MGNREGA is for lakhs of people. Millions of Indian people, last resort and huge security.”

“He (Prime Minister) called it a drain on the state exchequer and a feat for the poor people,” Gandhi said.

Talking about the strategy, he told, “Before MGNREGA, there used to be minimum earnings but no one was bothered about that earnings. So it gave a floor below which nobody would be asked to work. But the other idea of the strategy was that it should be an evolving idea – a dynamic-changing idea that guarantees a floor below which no Indian person should ever work.”

He said, “The other part of MGNREGA was that we should use our people to build the infrastructure and the idea was to build India with respect. So it was designed to protect our people and it was not a matter of any kind. There was no charity or charity in any way.”

Describing MGNREGA as a revolutionary scheme, Rahul Gandhi slammed PM Modi by saying, “I thought definitely, PM did not comment about MGNREGA then (during Covid) and he is now talking about it. I do not comment. It became clear that what he called a monument to the failures of the UPA, was India’s defence during Covid.


Rahul Gandhi said, “Achieving MGNREGA was not an easy thing and as you know, it was conceptualized, developed and implemented by the UPA. And I remember when this idea was first mentioned and I Was one of the people who got involved with it. In the beginning, there was tremendous resistance from the very beginning.”


Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi said that the central government should seriously consider increasing the number of days of employment under the MNREGA scheme. It should be increased from 100 to 200 days and the salary should also be increased. And I think we also have to think about how to apply the idea of ​​MGNREGA to urban employment.


Back in February 2015, PM Modi stood in Parliament during the budget session and talked about whether or not his government would begin again with MGNREGA – the Congress party’s flagship program to provide at least one member of every village for 100 days every year. Guarantees manual work.

“Do you think I will scrap this plan? My political knowledge does not allow me to do so. It is a living monument to your failure to tackle poverty in 60 years,” he said.

He continued, “You had to send people to dig a ditch and pay them. With song and dance and drum beats, I will continue with this plan.”


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi arrived in Kerala on Friday, July 1, on a three-day visit to his Lok Sabha constituency Wayanad, during which he was scheduled to participate in various programs including the inauguration of a farmers’ bank and UDF Bahujan Sangamam.

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