Watch: People fight with Air India staff after a flight to Mumbai is delayed for 5 hours

After an Air India flight to Mumbai was delayed by almost five hours, passengers and airline staff got into a heated argument at Delhi airport on Tuesday night. A passenger on flight AI-805 told the news agency ANI that the time the plane was supposed to take off was changed four times. The flight was supposed to leave at 8 p.m., but it was changed to 10:40 p.m. and then put off until 11:35 p.m. The time was changed again to 12:30 am, and the plane finally took off from Terminal 3 at the Delhi airport around 1:40 am.

The passenger said that the people in charge were trying to “trick” them by making up stories about the crew being late. Another traveller said that the flight was late because the pilot got sick right before it was supposed to leave.

Several angry passengers also said that the delay kept them from getting to Qatar on their next flight.

Another passenger said it was a “extremely bad experience” and said that Air India employees were not clear and wouldn’t even give them water until around 12 a.m.

“It was a terrible thing to happen. About 200 people were at the airport, and the airline wouldn’t say what was going on. There was no water until 11:50 p.m., “In a statement, ANI used words from the passenger.

A spokesperson for Air India, on the other hand, said that the claim was false because all passengers were taken care of and fed. The company rep also said that technical problems caused the plane to be late.

A senior official said that an Air India flight from Newark to Delhi had to make an emergency landing in Sweden on Wednesday because one of the engines was leaking oil.

The senior DGCA official said that the engine was turned off, and the Boeing 777-300ER planes used for the flight later landed safely in Stockholm, the official said.

(With agency inputs)

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