We’re working to battle terrorism, Naxalism and corruption PM Modi

Describing Diwali as the” jubilee of the end of terror”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday saluted people from” the victorious land of Kargil”, where the Indian” Army crushed terror”.

He said,’ Diwali means the jubilee of the end of terror. Kargil did the same. In Kargil, our Army crushed the fangs of terror, and the country celebrated Diwali in a style that’s flashed back indeed moment,” he told the soldiers.

Prime Minister Modi arrived in Kargil on Monday morning to continue his tradition of spending time with dogfaces on the country’s borders. He has been regularly visiting border areas on Diwali since 2014, when he celebrated Diwali with dogfaces at Siachen in Ladakh.

“For times, you have been my family. The agreeableness of Diwali increases, indeed more, when I’m among you. On one side are the country’s borders, and on the other are the married dogfaces. On the one hand, the love of the motherland, and on the other hand, the stalwart-hearted dogfaces. I could not have anticipated a Diwali like this anywhere differently. Moment, from the victorious land of Kargil, I extend a veritably Happy Diwali to everyone in India and the world.

The Prime Minister said that Kargil is shining evidence of the frippery of the Indian Army. About the Kargil war in 1999, he said,” Drass, Batalik and Tiger Hill are proof that the adversaries sitting on the top of the mountains were suppressed by the courage and bravery of the Indian fortified forces.”

“A country is safe only when its borders are secure, its frugality is strong, and the society is full of confidence,” Modi said.” Just as you’re guarding the borders, we’re working to fight terrorism, Naxalism and corruption. The compass of Naxalism, which formerly engulfed a large part of the country, is continuously shrinking. The government is fighting a decisive battle against sin. No matter how significant the loss may be, they can not escape the law.

Thanking the dogfaces for conserving their photos while visiting Kargil with some relief material, he said,” As an ordinary citizen, my duty path had taken me to the battleground. I came to drop off the inventories I kept with me. It was a moment of deification for me.”

The Prime Minister said war is the last option, but peace is insolvable without strength.” We follow a tradition where war is considered the last option. India has always been in favour of world peace. We’re against war, but without strength, the holiday isn’t possible. Capability and strategy in our Army if anyone sees us, our Army also knows how to give a befitting reply to the adversary in their language.

Modi said that the most important achievements for the country’s security are the ultramodern munitions of the fortified forces manufactured under Atmanirbhar Bharat.” The three defence sections have decided to reduce our dependence on foreign munitions and systems and have resolved to be tone-reliant,” he said.” I respect our three armies, which have decided that further than 400 pieces of defence outfits will no longer be carried from abroad and will now be made in India. When the dogfaces of India fight with munitions made in the country, their confidence will peak. And their attacks will come with a surprising element, crushing the adversary’s morale,” the Prime Minister said.

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