Whatsapp may soon let users search for old texts by date.

From time to time, Whatsapp comes out with new features, and this time they are coming with a feature that will enable us to search our old messages by date.

We often miss out on our old texts and we have to scroll up to look for that message but soon this problem will be solved as Whatsapp is coming with a new feature that will allow us to search for old messages by dates.

According to the WaBetaInfo report, this feature was spotted 2 years ago in 2020, but they postponed it, and now they are coming with this feature. For now, this feature is in the development phase for iPhone users.

How will this feature work?

Currently, this feature is in the development phase, but once it is released, users will see a new “calendar icon” on the search option of the chat. With this new calendar option, you can directly hop on the date and read the messages for that particular date.

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This feature will be beneficial for users as sometimes one forgets about the message but remembers the date so this feature will help them to read that message or information quickly instead of scrolling up for minutes.

Whatsapp recently released a few features such as emoji reactions for messages, conveying chats between iOS and Android users, muting specific people on WhatsApp calls, and many other features which will improve their app and will come out as beneficial for the users.

Will this feature be beneficial?

This feature will come in very handy for everyone in spotting important conversations or recalling the chats that happened between users or in group chats. This new feature is underdevelopment for iPhone users now. However, they will release this feature for android users also.

For whom this feature will be released first – iOS or Android?

This feature is currently in development for iOS users. This thing is very familiar among developers that they first develop it for certain users, as developing it for a wide range at the start will be difficult. Once they develop it for certain users, it helps them focus more on the development. Once this feature is developed for iOS users, they will start developing it for Android users as well.

When will this feature be released?

For now, this feature is in the development phase, and it is not clear when this feature will be launched, but it will come out soon. There are only a few limited Whatsapp- beta users for whom this feature is enabled right now, which means this feature is in the early development phase. After testing it and debugging it, then it will be released to the users.

Is WhatsApp working on any new feature other than searching text by date?

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on a few new features other than this. They are working on a new feature that will enable us to chat with ourselves, and another feature is replacing the camera tab with the camera button. They are also working on a feature called Whastapp Survey. The platform may soon ask to share feedback from users within the app itself. Through these surveys, users can tell their perspectives about the new features and app, and more, after getting the invitation. Whatsapp will send the send invitation to users to perform this survey and anyone who gets the invitation and if that person is not interested in doing that survey they can deny to do it.


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