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Why does Rahul Gandhi only wear T-shirts throughout the winter? He provides the response

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated on Monday that he decided to wear only T-shirts during the Bharat Jodo Yatra despite the winter temperature because he met three underprivileged girls in Madhya Pradesh “shivering in tattered garments.”

“I began my journey on foot in Kerala. It was muggy and warm. As we approached Madhya Pradesh, a mild coolness pervaded the air. One day, three impoverished girls in ragged clothing approached me and requested a photograph. When I gave one of them a hug, she was shaking. That day, I decided I would don a sweater on the day these youngsters received one. Gandhi stated at Ambala, “I shall only wear a T-shirt till I am no longer cold.”

Gandhi stated last week on the Uttar Pradesh leg of his yatra that the media is focusing on his outfit while ignoring the “poor farmers and labourers marching behind him in damaged clothing.”


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