Will Smith reveals what Rihanna loved most about Emancipation

Will Smith shares what Rihanna ‘LOVED’ the most about his latest film Emancipation.

After his slap scandal at the Oscars, Will Smith is back with Emancipation. A$AP Rocky and Rihanna attended Will’s recent red carpet screening, among other celebrities like Tyler Perry and Dave Chappelle. Ever since the screening, Smith revealed Rihanna has been an aspiring critic.

Will Smith says Rihanna loved Emancipation’s cinematography

E!‘s candid conversation with News, Will Smith said Rihanna actually liked his film’s cinematography. Even the Fenty Beauty founder couldn’t get over how Emancipation looked and felt.

‘I didn’t have to ask anyone’, Smith says 

“You don’t have to ask people’s opinions about Black people because they talk to the screen the whole time,” The Pursuit of Happiness actor joked when asked about other celebrities’ opinions about the movie. He joked, “So I didn’t have to ask anybody’s opinion from the room.”

The reviews for Emancipation have been mixed ever since it came out. This Will Smith movie is about a runaway slave. This movie shows the brutality of slavery during the 1860s. Smith’s character navigates Louisiana religiously in the film. This action-packed historical drama is directed by Antoine Fuqua and stars Ben Foster and Charmaine Bingwa. The movie will be available to stream on Apple TV+ from 9 December 2022 onwards.

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