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Without regard for our own lives, we attempted to capture them alive. Police within FIR Atiq’s son

On Thursday, Atiq Ahmed’s 19-year-old son Asad and his 38-year-old associate Ghulam were killed in an Uttar Pradesh police encounter on a dirt road 20 kilometres from the city centre of Jhansi. There were no shops, homes, or structures on the road.

Kirti and her husband’s grandfather operate a cart that sells water, juice and snacks from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. She told The Indian Express, “We saw a few police vans passing by between 10 and 11 a.m.” At noon, there was gunfire for ten to fifteen minutes. We hid for some time before inspecting the path. Two bodies were found on the ground, one of which appeared to be quite juvenile. The police made contacts, and then the ambulance arrived.”

In the vicinity of the Parichha Dam, construction workers repairing a conduit heard the 12-member STF team’s encounter.

“We were resting around 12:12.30 p.m. when we heard 10-12 rounds being discharged. We lacked the courage to cross the bridge (pipeline). We had to wait. We only observed officers with revolvers. We discovered later that they had murdered two individuals,” stated one of the workers.

In an FIR filed by the UP Police, Deputy Superintendents of Police Vimal Kumar Singh and Navendu Kumar stated that they were pursuing the suspects after receiving information from an informant that they were fleeing Chirgaon and travelling to Madhya Pradesh.

“We attempted to overtake them and halt them by shouting… Both riders increased the motorcycle’s pace and attempted to flee by turning the vehicle onto an unpaved road near Parichha Dam. Simultaneously, the team of DSP Vimal Kumar Singh encircled them from the front… Both crews went back and forth, warning the motorcyclists, but their efforts were futile. After travelling approximately 1.5 kilometres, the motorbike slid and crashed near a bush. They took cover and began firing with the intent to murder while abusing the policemen… Without regard for our own lives, we endeavoured to capture them alive. In response to the continuous gunfire, however, we fired in self-defence,” it states.

The FIR also notes that Guddu and Asad were riding a black-red motorcycle without a licence plate.

The isolated stretch where the bicycle and two bodies were discovered terminates at the sealed gates of the Parichha Dam.

The lane had a ditch and skid marks, where the suspect allegedly took refuge. According to the police, this is where Asad’s vehicle lost control due to his excessive speed. There are no surveillance cameras around the dam, power facility or highway.

According to the police, two teams had travelled across Delhi and UP for the past 45 days in an effort to capture the suspect sought in connection with the murder of Umesh Pal.

The two were reportedly located after spending twenty days in March in Sangam Vihar, Delhi, according to sources. They relocated from Delhi to Meerut, Kanpur, Lucknow, and Ajmer. He was travelling from Jhansi to Madhya Pradesh, according to an officer.

Gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad (L) and his aide Ghulam (R). (PTI)

A second STF officer stated, “We warned them before they entered the lane.” We also yelled and demanded their surrender. As soon as they tumbled into the ditch, they took cover and began firing continuously. We were compelled to respond in self-defence.”

The FIR identifies eight officers who, with the exception of the DSP, discharged at least one bullet at the accused. One of the DSPs discharged two rounds.

According to the police, the bodies were transported to the Jhansi Medical College on Thursday evening for autopsies.

Guddu, another suspect in the Umesh Pal murder case whose whereabouts are unknown, is also mentioned in the FIR.

When a state celebrates a police homicide in cold blood, it gives the court the finger and corrupts justice.

“Two days after the murder, Guddu came to Jhansi and stayed at Satish Yadav’s place near the Parichha power plant,” the FIR states.

Yadav, a real estate dealer, was questioned by the Jhansi Police and UP STF in relation to the case before being released.

His wife told The Indian Express on Friday, “Guddu arrived shortly after the (Umesh Pal) homicide. We had no idea what he had done. Last year, my husband encountered Guddu while attempting to sell Atiq Ahmed’s property in Lucknow. We became frightened upon hearing Atiq’s name and did not assist them.

At the funeral home where the deceased were stored, the police heightened security.

Ghulam’s brother Rahil, who claims to be a local BJP member, stated, “I do not desire to maintain ties with that individual. My mother is present as well. We are innocent individuals. The police arrived, and we informed them that we would not collect the body. They honoured our choice.” His cousin collected Asad’s remains.

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