How To Fix Spotify Keeping Logging Out

Spotify is a well-known company that offers media and music streaming services. It may be accessed on desktops, Android mobile devices, and iPhones or iPad. When using it, you can discover that it keeps logging you out, asking me to log in, or won’t stay hooked. It is simple to address this issue. In this piece, we compile a few practical options.

There are various reasons for logging out of your Spotify. 

Log Out of All Devices

  • For sign-in on many devices, you can use the same account. If it keeps logging you out, your account may have been signed in on another device. You can log off all devices to see if it resolves the sign-in problem, eliminating this possibility.
  • Visit the Spotify official website by launching your PC’s web browser.
  • Register there an account and log in.
  • The account can be chosen by clicking the profile picture in the top right corner.
  • To sign out of all devices, move the cursor to the bottom of the page and click the Sign out Everywhere button.

You may now log into the Spotify app to check if the problem has been fixed. You can attempt the following solution if Spotify’s problem with continually signing you outstays.

Change your Spotify password

You could also alter your Spotify password. Use this technique to stop unauthorised users from accessing your account.

  • Access the Spotify website and sign in with your account using your web browser.
  • From the left menu, select Change Password.
  • From the Current Password box, enter your current password.
  • Click the double time at the appropriate box, and then enter your new password.
  • To save the new password, click the option to create one.

Take Cleaning Apps Off Your Computer

Cleaning programmers can free up disc space on a PC Windows 11 or 10. But because it may be forced to deactivate apps to free up disc space, lower memory utilization, and conserve battery life, they could be why it keeps logging you out or continues requesting me to log in. You can remove your cleaning applications and check if the problem goes away.

You might attempt the following remedy if it keeps logging you out.

Update your Spotify application

This kind of login issue is readily preventable using the app’s most recent version. The app can therefore be updated for you to try.

Enable Third-Party Apps No Longer Have Access

The problem may have been brought on by any third-party apps you have connected to your account. To give it a try, you can disable access to third-party apps.

Use your browser to navigate its website and sign in with credentials.

Go through the left menu and select Apps.

There is a list of applications that claim they can access your Spotify account on the right panel.

Clear all the Cache Files for the  App

The app can have issues if the cache files are damaged. The app won’t stop working correctly when cache files are cleared. But there are numerous problems that it can fix. You can try this out.

Try to Reinstall the Spotify Application

If you have tried all the above methods and still can’t help solve the issue, you must reinstall the app on your device. Many of the users solve their login issues by trying this method. So, you must have to try the fix.


What is  Spotify?

You can listen to your preferred songs and podcasts on it, an audio streaming service. There is a song or podcast for everyone, thanks to the huge variety of genres it offers.

Is it free to use Spotify?

You may use and download the app for free. Whether you sign up for a plan, you can access its content. However, the free version has some restrictions like ads, poorer audio quality, and fewer skips.

What gadgets can access Spotify?

Your Windows, MacOS, or Linux computer can download it. It is also available for iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Is Spotify music downloadable?

Only those with a paid subscription can download Spotify songs.

Spotify’s data use how much?

When using the device’s default settings, you typically use about 2MB of data for every three minutes of music or about 40MB per hour.

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