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    March 5, 2024

    The Unstoppable Rise of Dipankana Das: India’s Multitalented Instagram Sensation

    At just 19 years old, Dipankana Das has taken the social media world by storm,…
    Brand Connect
    March 5, 2024

    The Rise of Swarnali Nandi: India’s Authentic Beauty Influencer

    In the saturated world of Instagram influencers, 22-year-old Swarnali Nandi from Siliguri, India is carving…
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    March 5, 2024

    Instagram Sensation Shreya Acharya’s Dance to Stardom

    From the coastal town of Udupi to millions of screens worldwide, 24-year-old Shreya Acharya is…
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    March 4, 2024

    Delhi’s Sonam Varmani: The Dancing Instagram Sensation

    At just 22 years old, Sonam Varmani has captured the hearts of over 1.1 million…
    Brand Connect
    March 4, 2024

    Rising Regional Star Sanskruti Salunke Wins Hearts Across Maharashtra

    With over 92,000 Instagram followers and counting, 25-year-old Sanskruti Salunke has quickly become one of…
    March 4, 2024

    Google Apologizes for Gemini Goof-Up on PM Modi

    Google has issued an apology for the performance of its AI platform, Gemini, in generating…
    March 4, 2024

    Bitcoin at a Turning Point Before the Fed Chair’s Speech

    Even while the largest cryptocurrency remains positive, investors are bracing for Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s…
    March 4, 2024

    PM Modi Unveils ‘Viksit Bharat 2047’ Blueprint: NDA’s Strategic Vision Ahead of 2024 Elections

    In a pivotal move preceding the highly anticipated Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi…
    March 4, 2024

    Tackling the Global Youth Obesity Epidemic

    A global webinar hosted by UNICEF, WHO, and the World Obesity Federation on March 4th,…
    People & Society
    March 3, 2024

    Why Is My Girlfriend So Cute?

      Unraveling the Mystery Have you ever found yourself wondering why your girlfriend is just…
      September 29, 2023

      NIA searches are underway in 6 states to target the gangster-terrorist link

      As part of its crackdown on the alleged nexus between gangsters, drug smugglers, and terrorist groups based in other countries,…
      December 27, 2023

      Flames Engulf Home in Madhya Pradesh After Cylinder Explosion

      A massive inferno has erupted in the Ghaspura area of Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, after a suspected gas cylinder explosion. Police…
      March 16, 2023

      Under DigiYatra, passengers’ data is stored on their own devices rather than centrally. Govt

      According to the civil aviation ministry, air passengers’ data is stored on their own devices under the DigiYatra process, and…
      January 14, 2023

      India achieves 179 Covid-19 instances; the number of active cases falls to 2,227

      According to information supplied by the Union Health Ministry, India reported 179 new active Covid-19 cases on Saturday, bringing the…
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