Delhi liquor policy: ED’s 5 allegations against Kejriwal for which it seeks to question him

AAP says Delhi CM may be arrested as he skips 3 ED summons in excise policy case

Delhi CM and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal finds himself in troubled waters as he has skipped three summons by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in the contentious Delhi liquor policy case. The ED has outlined at least five allegations against Kejriwal for which it seeks to question him.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has claimed Kejriwal may even be arrested as the ED probe intensifies. Here we look at the key allegations against the Delhi CM in the case:

1. ED traces Rs 338 crore to AAP from liquor mafia

The ED told the Supreme Court during Manish Sisodia’s bail hearing that its probe has revealed that Rs 338 crore from the ‘proceeds of crime’ reached the AAP during the liquor policy period. As the party’s national convener, Kejriwal would need to be questioned on this money trail.

2. Liquor trader claims Kejriwal asked him to trust accused Vijay Nair

Liquor trader Sameer Mahendru told ED that Kejriwal introduced him to Vijay Nair, accused in the case, through a FaceTime call. Kejriwal reportedly asked Mahendru to trust Nair.

3. Meeting on excise policy held at Kejriwal’s residence

The ED claims a meeting on the new liquor policy was held at Kejriwal’s residence with stakeholders. It wants details of this meeting.

4. Profit margin hike cleared by Kejriwal

Manish Sisodia’s then secretary told ED that the excise policy’s profit margin was raised from 6% to 12% with Kejriwal’s approval.

5. Cabinet meeting on excise policy called by CM

The cabinet meeting where the excise policy was cleared was called by Kejriwal as CM. ED contends this links Kejriwal to the policy.

The ED may issue a fourth summons to Kejriwal after he submitted a written response to the earlier three. The agency is examining if the Delhi CM needs to be questioned further under the anti-money laundering law.

The excise policy case has sparked a major political battle between AAP and the BJP in Delhi. Kejriwal has termed the case false and politically motivated. However, the ED insists on questioning him based on the above allegations that have surfaced during investigation.

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