Google Apologizes for Gemini Goof-Up on PM Modi

Search giant admits unreliability of AI platform's results, apologizes to Indian government.

Google has issued an apology for the performance of its AI platform, Gemini, in generating search results related to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The tech company acknowledged the unreliability of the platform’s responses and expressed regret over the incident.

Following complaints from the Indian government regarding biased and unsubstantiated results, Google responded promptly to address the issue. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for IT and Electronics, revealed that Google apologized after receiving a notice from the government seeking an explanation for the problematic outcomes.

According to reports, Google informed the government that its platform was unreliable and expressed regret for the inconvenience caused. The incident underscores the importance of ensuring the accuracy and neutrality of AI-generated responses, particularly when it comes to sensitive political matters.

The Ministry of IT and Electronics had previously issued an advisory to generative AI companies, including Google and OpenAI, cautioning them against generating responses that violate Indian laws. The advisory emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in the development and deployment of AI systems, especially those that interact with users in India.

Platforms offering AI systems or large language models to Indian users were urged to obtain permission from the government and clearly disclose the potential limitations and shortcomings of their products. The aim is to prevent the dissemination of unreliable or misleading information while safeguarding the rights and interests of Indian citizens.

Google’s apology serves as a reminder of the challenges and responsibilities associated with AI technology, particularly in the realm of information dissemination and public discourse. As AI continues to play an increasingly prominent role in our lives, ensuring its integrity and reliability is paramount to fostering trust and confidence in its capabilities.

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