PM Modi Unveils ‘Viksit Bharat 2047’ Blueprint: NDA’s Strategic Vision Ahead of 2024 Elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sets forth ambitious plan for India's future, aiming for development by 2047, in a crucial meeting with ministers before the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

In a pivotal move preceding the highly anticipated Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi convened a crucial meeting with his Council of Ministers, charting the course for ‘Viksit Bharat 2047’, a visionary blueprint for India’s progress.

During the session, held on Sunday, Prime Minister Modi led discussions on a comprehensive plan to steer India towards development over the next five years, should the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) secure victory in the forthcoming polls scheduled for April-May 2024.

Key deliberations centered on a 100-day action plan aimed at immediate measures post-election, aimed at executing the NDA’s envisioned trajectory over the subsequent five-year tenure, according to officials familiar with the day-long proceedings.

Sources within the government revealed that the roadmap for “Viksit Bharat” represents over two years of meticulous preparation, embodying a collaborative effort spanning various ministries, state governments, academic institutions, industry stakeholders, civil society, scientific organizations, and youth participation.

The recent council of ministers’ gathering, held on March 3, is purportedly the final such assembly before the Lok Sabha elections, with the NDA exuding confidence in securing a resounding victory.

The ‘Viksit Bharat 2047’ vision, a recurring theme in PM Modi’s addresses in recent years, envisions propelling India into a developed nation by the centenary of its independence from British rule.

Outlined during Sunday’s meeting, the strategic plan encapsulates a spectrum of national objectives, spanning economic growth, sustainable development, ease of living, business facilitation, infrastructure enhancement, and social welfare initiatives.

PM Modi, reiterating his commitment to inclusive growth, underscored the aim of empowering every citizen to actively participate in the economy. A pivotal aspect of this endeavor involves positioning India as the world’s third-largest economy within the next five years, contingent upon the NDA’s return to power.

Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) unveiled its initial slate of 195 candidates for the upcoming elections, featuring prominent figures such as PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. Noteworthy is the diverse composition of the BJP’s candidate roster, with significant representation from women, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other backward classes.

As the electoral landscape takes shape, PM Modi’s unveiling of the ‘Viksit Bharat 2047’ blueprint underscores the NDA’s strategic vision and its commitment to steering India towards a prosperous future.

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