Political Turmoil Grips Himachal Pradesh as Speaker Expels 15 BJP MLAs

Cross-Voting Controversy and Assembly Chaos Heighten Crisis for Congress Government

Tensions escalate in Himachal Pradesh as the state grapples with a political crisis, with the ruling Congress government facing mounting challenges from the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The latest developments unfold against the backdrop of a dramatic expulsion of 15 BJP MLAs by the assembly speaker amid uproar and allegations of misconduct.

The decision to expel the BJP legislators, including prominent figures such as Jairam Thakur and Vipin Singh Parmar, was taken abruptly as the Budget session of the assembly was set to commence. Accusations of slogan-shouting and disruptive behavior within the Speaker’s chamber prompted the unprecedented move by Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania.

Among the expelled BJP members are individuals with significant political influence, raising concerns within the opposition ranks about the potential ramifications of their exclusion from legislative proceedings.

Earlier apprehensions expressed by Jairam Thakur regarding the possibility of such disciplinary action underscored the mounting tensions within the political arena. Thakur’s concerns, voiced to reporters, hinted at the strategic implications of the Speaker’s decision, particularly in the context of crucial legislative agendas awaiting deliberation.

The expulsion of BJP MLAs comes in the aftermath of a contentious Rajya Sabha election, which saw the BJP clinch victory due to alleged cross-voting by six Congress MLAs. The electoral outcome, perceived as a setback for the Congress government, has emboldened the opposition’s demand for a test of strength, casting doubt on the ruling party’s majority status.

The resignation of Himachal Pradesh minister Vikramaditya Singh, scion of the influential Singh family, further exacerbates the crisis gripping the Congress party. Singh’s decision to step down highlights internal fissures and underscores the challenges faced by the government in maintaining unity amidst mounting pressure.

With the BJP intensifying its efforts to capitalize on the prevailing instability, seeking intervention from Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla to resolve the crisis, the political landscape in Himachal Pradesh remains fraught with uncertainty. As the Congress government endeavors to navigate through turbulent waters, the specter of defections and coalition realignments looms large, heralding a period of heightened political volatility in the state.

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