Nitish Kumar Sworn in as Bihar Chief Minister, Forms Alliance with BJP

A Political Twist: Nitish Kumar Shifts Allegiance, BJP Becomes New Partner

Patna: In a surprising turn of events, Nitish Kumar, who just a day ago was rallying the opposition against the BJP, took the oath of office as Bihar Chief Minister today, forming a new alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Having parted ways with his previous coalition partner, the RJD, Nitish Kumar submitted his resignation as Chief Minister earlier today. Addressing the media after meeting the governor, he stated, “I have resigned from the post of chief minister today. The new Grand Alliance that we created (in August 2022) is not in a good condition. The situation is not looking good.”

The political landscape in Bihar underwent a rapid transformation as Nitish Kumar, a seasoned politician, shifted gears and aligned himself with the BJP, marking a significant departure from his previous stance.

Samrat Chaudhary and Vijay Sinha, both from the BJP, have been appointed as the new deputies to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, solidifying the newfound alliance. The unexpected collaboration between Nitish Kumar and the BJP has added a layer of complexity to the political dynamics in Bihar, leaving many to ponder the motives behind this sudden shift.

As the dust settles on this political upheaval, all eyes are on the implications of this alliance on the governance and stability of Bihar. The unfolding events have set the stage for a new chapter in Bihar politics, and the ramifications of this alliance are sure to be closely monitored by political observers and citizens alike.

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