Amit Shah Affirms CAA Implementation Before Lok Sabha Elections

Union Home Minister reiterates commitment to implementing Citizenship Amendment Act ahead of polls

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has reiterated the government’s resolve to notify and implement the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) before the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Emphasizing that the CAA aims to confer citizenship rather than revoke it, Shah reiterated that it seeks to grant Indian citizenship to persecuted non-Muslim migrants. The Act was passed by Parliament in December 2019.

Addressing the ET Now-Global Business summit in the national capital, Shah affirmed, “CAA is an Act of the country, it will definitely be notified. It will be implemented before the polls. There should be no confusion about it.”

Highlighting the historical context, Shah reminded that the CAA was a pledge made by the Congress government. He noted the assurance given by Congress to refugees during the partition era, promising them refuge and Indian citizenship. However, Shah accused the Congress of reneging on this commitment.

Asserting the objectives of the CAA, Shah clarified that it was designed to provide citizenship to refugees who faced persecution in Bangladesh and Pakistan, without infringing upon the citizenship rights of any individual.

Under the CAA, introduced by the Narendra Modi government, persecuted non-Muslim migrants—Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, and Christians—from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan arriving in India until December 31, 2014, will be granted Indian nationality.

Looking ahead to the political landscape, Shah expressed confidence in the BJP’s electoral prospects, predicting a significant victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He confidently forecasted 370 seats for the BJP and over 400 for the NDA alliance.

Shah underscored that the 2024 polls would not merely be a contest between political blocs but a choice between development and empty rhetoric.

Touching upon the issue of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Shah reflected on the longstanding desire of the people for its construction at the birthplace of Lord Ram. He lamented the delays due to “politics of appeasement” and legal obstacles, affirming the government’s commitment to fulfilling this longstanding aspiration.

As the political discourse intensifies in the run-up to the elections, Shah’s remarks shed light on the government’s priorities and objectives, setting the stage for a dynamic electoral contest.

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