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Why Do Pigeons Keep Coming Back to My House?


Are you frustrated with pigeons constantly returning to your house, even after attempts to shoo them away? Pigeons can be persistent visitors, and understanding their behavior is crucial to effectively deterring them.

Reasons Why Pigeons Keep Coming Back

Food Availability

Pigeons are attracted to areas where food sources are readily available. If you have bird feeders, pet food bowls, or spilled grains around your property, pigeons may keep returning for an easy meal.

Nesting Sites

Pigeons seek out safe and secure places to build their nests. Ledges, overhangs, and other areas on your home’s exterior can provide ideal nesting spots for pigeons, making them reluctant to leave.

Roosting Opportunities

Like any bird, pigeons look for comfortable places to roost and rest. If your property offers suitable perching areas, such as protruding pipes, window sills, or roof lines, pigeons may continue to return to these familiar spots.

Lack of Predators

Pigeons are more likely to frequent areas where they feel safe from predators. If your property is relatively secure, with few threats from cats, hawks, or other predators, pigeons may perceive it as a safe haven and keep coming back.

Effective Deterrents

Remove Food Sources

Eliminate any potential food sources that may be attracting pigeons. Cover or remove bird feeders, clean up spilled seeds or grains, and ensure pet food bowls are not left outside.

Block Nesting Sites

Use physical barriers, such as pigeon spikes, netting, or wire mesh, to prevent pigeons from nesting on your property. Sealing off access to potential nesting areas can discourage pigeons from settling and returning.

Install Deterrents

Implement deterrents like ultrasonic devices, visual deterrents (like fake predator decoys), or motion-activated sprinklers to make your property less appealing to pigeons.

Encourage Natural Predators

Attract natural pigeon predators, such as hawks or falcons, by installing nesting boxes or perches for them. The presence of these predators can make pigeons feel unsafe and discourage them from returning.


By understanding the reasons behind pigeons’ persistent behavior and implementing effective deterrents, you can successfully discourage them from returning to your property. Consistency and a combination of methods are often necessary to achieve long-term results.

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