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Do’s and Don’ts to Follow When You Have Fever

imple tips to avoid worsening your fever and aid quick recovery

Fever is a common health condition, especially during winters. While it’s important to treat the underlying cause, taking some precautions can ensure your fever doesn’t get prolonged or worsened. Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow when you have fever, as per Ayurveda:

Don’t Take Cold Showers

Avoid bathing with cold water when you have fever, as it can worsen the illness. Opt for sponge baths with lukewarm water instead. Skipping baths for 2-3 days during fever is also recommended.

Don’t Eat Certain Fruits

Avoid eating juicy, citrus fruits like oranges, sweet limes, grapes, bananas and watermelons when running a fever. These can aggravate pitta dosha. Stick to easy-to-digest fruits like stewed apples instead.

Don’t Exercise

Exercising with fever can spike your already high body temperature, causing further complications. Avoid strenuous workouts and stick to light walking when sick.

Don’t Eat Curd

Skip curd, buttermilk, lassi and raita during fever as the cold quality of these foods can vitiate all three doshas. Wait for the fever to subside before reintroducing them.

Do Take Rest

Get ample rest and sleep on time to aid your recovery. Your body needs rejuvenation to bounce back, so relax as much as possible.

Do Eat Light, Warm Foods

Stick to a light diet of warm soups, khichdi and stews. Avoid spicy and oily foods that are tough on your digestive system. Stay hydrated with herbal teas, lemon water and infused waters.

With these simple tips, you can ensure your fever resolves faster without escalating. Stay home, follow a fever diet and get lots of rest to be back on your feet soon!

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