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10 Sexy Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reconnect and celebrate your relationship with some intimate, romantic fun. This lovers’ holiday is all about turning up the heat and getting closer with your partner, so get creative and try these 10 sexy things to make it memorably steamy.

Pamper with a Sensual Massage

There’s nothing more relaxing and arousing than giving or receiving a slow, sensual massage. Set the mood with candles, put on some soft music and take turns massaging each other with scented oils or lotion. Focus on pleasure zones and let tensions melt away as the massage progresses to more intimate caresses.

Enjoy a Sizzling Bubble Bath Together

Slip into a steamy bubble bath together by candlelight, with a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider and chocolate-dipped strawberries. The warmth and intimacy of bathing as a couple is ultra-romantic. Lather each other up gently, relax in the water and then let desire take over.

Cook Dinner in Lingerie or Shirtless

Surprise your partner by preparing a romantic dinner wearing something sexy and provocative, like lingerie, a babydoll negligee or just an apron (guys can cook shirtless). The revealing outfits will stoke the fires of passion as you flirtatiously feed each other mouth-watering food between kisses.

Exchange Sensual Massages

Sign up for a couples sensual massage workshop. Learn how to give relaxing, pleasurable massages and practice your new skills on each other. The instructor will teach you how to rub your partner the right way, from soft strokes to kneading pressure points to build intense arousal.

Indulge in Sweet, Sexy Food Play

Incorporate food into foreplay by drizzling and feeding each other chocolate syrup, whipped cream, honey, ice cream, fresh fruit and other tasty, sensual treats. Lick it off each other’s necks, toes, nipples and all the sexy spots in between. Have fun getting sticky and sweet.

Perform a Sexy Striptease

Channel your inner stripper and slowly, seductively undress for your partner down to your sexiest lingerie or naked body. Make it a show by swaying to music and teasing them with flashes of skin as you shed clothing. Watching you strip is sure to drive them wild with desire.

Check Out a Sexy Romantic Movie

Set the mood by watching a steamy, provocative romantic movie together. Cuddle up on the couch under a blanket and let the onscreen passion inspire you. Make out like teenagers and let hands start to wander until you can’t take it anymore.

Take Erotic Boudoir Photos

Capture your sensuality by posing for romantic, intimate boudoir photos for your partner – you can hire a photographer or DIY. Getting semi-nude and striking sexy positions is a turn on. Give the gift of tasteful erotic photos that your lover will treasure.

Play Naughty Bedroom Games

Bring some playfulness into the bedroom by playing naughty dice, card or quiz games that require sexy rewards and dares. Experiment with silky blindfolds, feather ticklers and asking each other intimate questions. The games build arousal through anticipation.

Dress Up and Roleplay Fantasies

Tap into new sources of desire by acting out romantic fantasies through costume and roleplay. Take turns dressing up as a nurse, teacher, maid, boss or whatever personas turn you both on. Embrace your characters and improvise sultry scenarios. Imaginative roleplay builds passion.

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your lover with new kinds of sensual pleasure. Try one or more of these sexy ideas for an intimate celebration of your love that fuels the flames of passion in your relationship.

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