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Why My Husband Yells At Me and What To Do About It

Spousal yelling can be upsetting and seem unreasonable. However, there may be underlying issues causing your husband to raise his voice. Understanding potential reasons can help you address problems productively.

He Feels Ignored

Men often yell when feeling overlooked. If your husband screams about minor issues, he may crave more attention. Try scheduling regular date nights and daily check-ins to show you care.

He’s Stressed

Work, family demands, or finances strain some husbands. Yelling may be his reaction to extreme stress. Suggest relaxing activities like massage or meditation. Offer reassurance and let him vent his worries.

He’s Angry Over Something Else

Your husband may misplace anger about other problems onto you. His yelling likely isn’t your fault. Next time he screams, ask what’s really bothering him. Listen empathetically.

You’re Too Critical

Men can feel insulted by nagging and criticism from their wives. Constant judgment likely aggravates your husband. Ease up on nitpicking. Focus on the positives in his behavior.

Poor Communication Skills

Some husbands yell simply because they haven’t learned proper communication abilities. Recommend couples counseling to discover healthier ways of discussing problems and expressing emotions.

Yelling back will not help. Stay calm when your husband shouts. Express how the yelling makes you feel and set boundaries. With care and cooperation, you can uncover why he rages and work on positive changes together.

Help is Available

If yelling persists or you don’t feel safe, help is available:

  • National Commission for Women Helpline: 7827170170
  • Central Social Welfare Board – Police Helpline: 1091/1291, (011) 23317004

Don’t endure abusive behavior alone. Seek support to protect yourself. With counseling or separation, you and your husband may find solutions to “calm the storm” between you.

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