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Shark Tank Judge Anupam Mittal Furious Over Startup’s “Ridiculous” Brand Name

India’s popular business reality show Shark Tank recently witnessed tense moments when judge Anupam Mittal slammed an undergarment startup over its “behuda” (ridiculous) brand name.

The startup, co-founded by Ankit, Anshuman and Mohit, pitched their brand 2Ballz to the sharks, seeking Rs 30 lakhs for 5% equity. They claimed the valuation of their company was Rs 6 crores.

However, the sharks took issue with the name 2Ballz for the undergarment brand.

Judge Anupam Mittal expressed anger and asked the founders if leaving their jobs for this venture was really worth it. “Ek toh ye brand name bohot behuda hai, pata nahi kya kar rahe ho,” Anupam remarked.

Fellow judge Vineeta Singh also echoed Anupam’s sentiments, stating the brand name was “too much in the face” and would likely discourage customers from buying the products.

The confrontational exchange highlighted the importance of strategically naming and positioning a new startup brand. It also showed how shark tank judges scrutinize not just numbers, but branding and positioning while evaluating investment opportunities.

While the 2Ballz founders defended the name saying it was quirky and memorable, the sharks did not seem convinced, grilling the startup founders over the questionable brand identity.

The heated debate made for dramatic television, underscoring the impact a controversial brand name can have on a startup’s fortunes. It remains to be seen if the 2Ballz founders will rethink their branding approach and potentially reposition their undergarment startup for greater success.

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