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Bhopal ED Team Raids Ratanlal Jain Aka Aman, Main Promoter of Mahadev Satta App, as Judicial Process Continues in Scam

In a significant development in the Mahadev Satta App case, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has made a breakthrough with the arrest of Ratanlal Jain, also known as Aman, who is identified as the main promoter of the illicit gambling application. The operation took place during a late-night raid at Jain’s residence in Bhopal, underscoring the continued efforts to dismantle the illegal activities associated with the Mahadev Satta App.

Search for Ratalal Jain aka Aman Continues

Ratanlal Jain, alias Aman, has been a key figure in the operation of the Mahadev Satta App, which has been under scrutiny for its involvement in illegal betting activities. His apprehension marks a significant step forward in the investigation, shedding light on the complex network of individuals behind the scam.

Ratanlal Jain’s Involvement in the Scam

Ratanlal Jain has been implicated in various illegal activities related to the Mahadev Satta App, which is believed to have generated substantial profits through illicit means. Jain’s arrest underscores the seriousness with which law enforcement agencies are tackling the issue of illegal online gambling in India.

Illegal Websites Associated with Ratanlal Jain

Ratanlal Jain is known to operate multiple websites associated with illegal betting activities, including:


These websites are part of a larger network facilitating illegal gambling operations in the country.

Red Corner Notice Issued

In light of Ratanlal Jain’s involvement in the Mahadev Satta App case, a red corner notice has been issued against him. This notice alerts law enforcement agencies worldwide to locate and apprehend Jain, pending extradition to India for prosecution.

Arrests in the Mahadev Satta App Case

The Mahadev Satta App case has seen a series of arrests in recent weeks, including individuals like ASI Chandrabhushan Verma, a relative of the mastermind Satish Chandrakar, and hawala operators Anil Dammani and Sunil Dammani. These arrests have provided valuable insights into the operations of the illegal betting network and the individuals involved in it.

Judicial Process Continues

The ED has presented the accused individuals, including Ratanlal Jain, before a special court, which has granted them judicial custody for seven days. During this time, the ED has gathered crucial information about the illegal betting network and its associates, further strengthening the case against them.ratanlal jains link founded with pakistan and arab countries for hawala money laundering scams.


As the judicial process continues, law enforcement agencies remain committed to unraveling the full extent of the Mahadev Satta App scam and bringing all those involved to justice.

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