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Why is My PAN Card Showing as Invalid?

Having an invalid PAN number can prevent you from filing taxes, making financial transactions, or applying for loans. If your PAN card shows up as invalid, don’t panic – the issue can usually be easily fixed.

Common Reasons for an Invalid PAN

There are a few common reasons why your permanent account number may suddenly be deemed invalid:

  • Name Mismatch – If the name on your PAN card does not exactly match the name linked with your other identification documents like Aadhaar, it can cause issues validating your identity.
  • Data Entry Errors – Sometimes errors are made when submitting PAN information to databases. Even small typos can lead to an invalid status.
  • Multiple PANs Issued – If more than one PAN was accidentally issued under your name, it can create conflicts and lead to invalid statuses.

How to Troubleshoot an Invalid PAN

If you find your PAN is being rejected as invalid, here are a few things to try:

  • Update Identification Documents – Ensure the name and details on your PAN precisely match your other IDs like Aadhaar. Update any discrepancies.
  • Check for Errors – Carefully check your PAN card and previous filings for any data entry errors. If found, file a correction form.
  • Verify with NSDL – Check the National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) database to make sure only one active PAN is linked to your name/ID details.

Following these troubleshooting tips will help identify and fix the underlying issue so you can restore your PAN status to valid. Reach out to the NSDL or IT department for any other assistance.

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