Copper-Resveratrol Supplement May Reduce Chemo Side Effects

But More Research Needed Before Replacing Standard Treatments

A new study from Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Centre suggests a copper-resveratrol supplement could help reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs. But experts say it’s too soon to abandon proven cancer protocols in favor of this alternative combo.

The research examined whether taking copper and the plant compound resveratrol together might ease chemo side effects and improve outcomes. While initial results in mice were promising, deputy director Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi stressed the combo is “not a substitute” for surgery, radiation, chemo, or other established therapies.

Larger human trials are underway to see if the approach translates. For now, cancer patients should stick with their doctor’s recommendations, said Chaturvedi.

The study made another discovery too. When cancer cells die, they release chromosome fragments that can trigger metastasis – the spread of tumors. Researchers found these deadly particles spiked after chemo and radiation. Giving mice agents to neutralize the particles prevented spread.

So the research brings tentative good news on two fronts: A potential way to reduce chemo toxicity, and new insight into how dying cancer cells spur metastasis. However, Chaturvedi cautions more data is needed before changing clinical practice.

For cancer patients, it’s a reminder that progress happens one step at a time. While supplements like copper resveratrol offer hope, proven protocols remain the best bet. Still, with further testing, this combo may one day provide an extra boost against this devastating disease.


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