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Why Does My Mom Always Scold Me?

Why Does Mom Get So Frustrated with Me?

If your mom frequently scolds you and it seems unjustified, it can be confusing and upsetting. But in many cases, constant scolding ties to overwhelming stress, not genuine anger at you. There are constructive ways to address this.

It Often Ties to Other Stressors

Mothers with heavy mental burdens from work, money issues, or health problems can default to scolding as pressure boils over. It becomes a bad habit. She likely doesn’t mean harm though.

Working Towards Positive Communication

The next time tensions are cooler, have an open discussion about her scolding patterns. Communicate how it makes you feel, but also ask what hardships she’s facing and how you can help. If the situation doesn’t improve over time, consider involving a counselor.

With some patience and work towards mutual understanding, you can get to the root of what causes the scolding reaction so your bond with mom grows even stronger.

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