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Why Can’t I Make Eye Contact with My Crush?

Feeling Too Shy to Lock Eyes with Your Crush?

It’s common to feel a sudden shyness or nervousness when trying to make eye contact with someone you have romantic feelings for. While it may seem impossible in the moment, there are some simple techniques you can try to help ease anxiety around locking eyes with your crush.

Understanding the Discomfort

Difficulty maintaining eye contact can stem from underlying lack of self-confidence or fear of vulnerable interaction. It often surfaces specifically around a crush because the emotional stakes feel higher. Know this is normal.

Tips to Build Connection

Practice holding eye contact in a mirror to grow comfortable. When interacting, focus the conversation on questions about them to ease pressure on yourself. As confidence builds, aim for brief locked eyes and smiles to demonstrate engagement and interest.

With some concerted effort on mindfulness, self-assurance and adapting body language, making repeated eye contact with your crush will start to feel natural, helping nurture intimacy.

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