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Why Did I Count My Chickens Before They Hatched?

Learning the Hard Way Not To Count Unhatched Chickens

We’ve all been taught the popular fable about prematurely counting chickens – assuming rewards are guaranteed before the work is done. I recently learned why this overconfidence backfires after excitedly making plans without waiting for the results.

Jumping the Gun on a Promotion

I had my heart set on a promotion at work. Knowing a decision was upcoming, I counted my chickens and made big purchases assuming extra income would certainly cover it. However, when the role went to a colleague instead, all the plans I’d already made came crashing down.

Why My Premature Counting Was Risky

This old idiom warns against presumptuousness for good reason. By counting unhatched chickens, I set myself up for stressful financial issues down the line. It taught me to wait patiently rather than depend on best case scenarios panning out. I realized that good things are never guaranteed outcomes.

Adjusting My Mindset

Going forward, I’m focusing on consistent hard work rather than expecting quick rewards. My eyes are wide open now to the flaws of counting chickens too soon. Patience and wisdom come from acknowledging life’s uncertainties. I’m working to shift my mindset to avoid similar disappointments.

The moral? Wait for concrete results instead of pie in the sky wishful thinking. That’s a lesson this idiom imprints through the foibles of my overeager mistake. No more counting chickens until they’ve fully hatched!

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