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Ramlala Idols for Ayodhya Ram Temple Made of Ashtadhatu – Says Sculptor Arun Yogiraj’s Wife

Ayodhya Ram Temple, Ramlala idols, Arun Yogiraj, sculpture, Ashtadhatu

As the consecration of the Ramlala idols at the Ayodhya Ram Temple approaches, details about the sacred statues are emerging. In an exclusive conversation, renowned sculptor Arun Yogiraj’s wife Vijeta revealed that the idols have been crafted from Ashtadhatu – a composite of eight auspicious metals.

Yogiraj comes from a family of sculptors based in Mysore that has been making idols for over five generations. He has devoted the last six months solely to sculpting the Ramlala murthis for the Ayodhya temple.

His wife mentioned that Yogiraj has produced over 2000 sculptures so far in his career using varied materials like stone, bronze and marble. However, for the Ram Temple idols, he has chosen Ashtadhatu which is considered a sacred metal composite in Hinduism.

Ashtadhatu is comprised of gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, tin, iron and mercury. Idols made from this metal mixture are believed to be endowed with divine powers and ideal for ritual worship.

Earlier, Yogiraj had also sculpted the magnificent 30-feet statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose that now stands at India Gate in New Delhi. His participation in the Ram Temple project highlights his stellar skills and experience in crafting idols for prominent installations.

The entire country awaits to see the Ashtadhatu Ramlala murthis consecrated in Ayodhya, the fruits of many months of devotion and intricate artisanship by Arun Yogiraj and his team.

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