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Goa murder case: Before killing son, CEO Suchana Seth texted ex-husband about meeting child

Investigation reveals Soochana Seth had messaged her divorced husband to meet their son in Bengaluru just before murdering him in Goa hotel

In a shocking development in the Goa hotel murder case, police investigation has found that prime accused Suchana Seth had texted her divorced husband about meeting their 4-year-old son just before she allegedly killed him.

Suchana, CEO of an AI startup in Bengaluru, was arrested for strangulating her son in a Goa hotel room on January 7th. She later transported his body in a suitcase to Bengaluru in a cab.

According to police findings, Suchana had messaged her ex-husband Venkataraman, who had visitation rights, to meet their son in Bengaluru on January 7. However, she never showed up at the designated meeting spot.

Venkataraman, who was in Bengaluru that day, had waited for 2 hours before leaving for Jakarta for work. He kept calling and texting Suchana but received no response.

It appears Suchana wanted to avoid letting Venkataraman meet their son at the Goa hotel where she was staying from January 6-10. This prompted her to falsely inform him about the meeting in Bengaluru, while she had already killed the child in Goa hotel on 7th.

The cab driver’s account of Suchana travelling alone with a suitcase from Goa to Bengaluru despite heavy traffic raised police suspicions. Though Suchana has denied the murder charge, investigation found traces of blood in the hotel room. Police suspect she drugged and smothered the child to death.

The case has shocked people owing to the brutal murder of an innocent child. Police are still looking for a motive as Suchana’s messages indicate premeditated planning before committing the heinous act. As the investigation progresses, the manipulative intents and psychological state of Suchana are coming forth, pointing to a deeply disturbing crime.

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