Massive fuel leakage from Manipur power plant spreads to Imphal’s rivers; immediate action ordered

Fuel leaked from Limakhong power station in Manipur's Kangpokpi district contaminating rivers flowing through Imphal valley

A major fuel leakage incident has occurred at the Limakhong power station in Manipur’s Kangpokpi district, resulting in contamination of rivers flowing through the Imphal valley.

According to officials, the leakage happened on Wednesday night at the power station. Fuel spilled into streams like Kanto Sabal and Sekmai which later flowed into important rivers including Khurkhul, Loitang, Kameng, Iroisemba and Nambul, eventually meeting the Imphal river.

The Manipur government has ordered immediate action by concerned authorities to prevent an environmental disaster. All available resources in terms of machinery, manpower and expertise have been directed to respond to the crisis.

Efforts are underway to divert the flow of the contaminated streams towards the plains. The cause of the leakage is yet to be ascertained. It is unclear whether it was a result of mischief or accident.

State ministers visited the site on Wednesday night to take stock of the situation. The fuel spill comes at a time when Manipur is already reeling under ethnic clashes that have claimed over 180 lives since May 2022.

The massive leakage has raised concerns over extensive environmental damage to the delicate river ecosystem in Imphal valley. Swift action is needed to contain the contamination and trace its source to prevent such industrial disasters in the future. The incident highlights the need for stricter safety protocols at sensitive installations to avoid jeopardizing public health and environment.

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