Here are the reasons why the Amazfit Falcon watch costs more than most smartphones 

Amazfit is a well-known brand in the Indian smartwatch market as one of the older manufacturers. With various smartwatches available for years at different price points, Amazfit has also largely specialized in the budget wearables segment. At an affordable price, most of the company’s watches cost less than Rs 10,000, enabling buyers to enjoy basic smart functionality, health tracking, and other features.

This has changed with the introduction of the new Amazfit Falcon smartwatch. Amazfit Falcon is more expensive than most popular smartphones in India, with a price tag of Rs 44,999. The question is, why is it so expensive, and what watches does it compete with? What do you think? Let’s find out.

What is new with the Amazfit Falcon?

According to Amazfit, the Falcon’s physical construction has been modified to include military-grade materials, which should improve its durability over most other Amazfit devices. A titanium unibody construction of aircraft-grade TC4 is utilized in this design. To date, the brand has only offered its T-Rex line of rugged smartwatches.

Moreover, the watch is equipped with an inbuilt GPS module that allows it to communicate with up to six satellite positioning systems via the Zepp App. A 1.28-inch AMOLED display is present on the device, which Sapphire Glass unsurprisingly protects.

Additionally, the Amazfit Falcon comes with more than 150 sports mode tracking features. A variety of sports are supported, including water sports and triathlons, as well as more common sports such as football. There are also features for monitoring your health, such as tracking your heart rate.

A watch will also have its own storage on which users can store offline music, which can then be listened to via Bluetooth earbuds or speakers without the need for a smartphone. See some more features in the video below.

As a final feature, Amazfit claims that its 500mAh battery can last 14 days.

Details regarding pricing, availability, and other information

Amazfit will offer the watch on its website beginning December 3 for Rs 44,999. The watch can also be pre-ordered starting on December 1.

In terms of price, the Falcon will compete with premium smartwatches such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 LTE edition and Apple Watch SE. While the new Amazfit wearable is more expensive than either of these devices, it still does not have eSIM capabilities or support for a full-featured operating system.

What it does have instead is a rugged body, but will that be sufficient to compete with its premium competitors? The early reviews should be available soon.

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