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Holiday Travel Gridlock Paralyzes Himachal as Tourist Hordes Descend

Drone Footage Reveals Massive Traffic Jams Across Himachal as Tourist Influx Overwhelms Infrastructure

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh – Severe traffic congestion has brought parts of Himachal Pradesh to a standstill over the holiday season as legions of tourists flock to the mountain state.

Drone footage reveals kilometers-long traffic jams near tourist hotspots like Atal Tunnel and Rohtang Pass, with thousands of vehicles crammed bumper-to-bumper. The influx of visitors during Christmas and New Year’s has overwhelmed Himachal’s infrastructure.

Images show tourists stuck for hours amidst the gridlock, inching along at a snail’s pace. The chaos spans multiple districts, including Manali where the main highway to Rohtang Pass resembles a parking lot.

Police have deployed drones for aerial surveillance of the mammoth bottlenecks to maintain law and order. But with tourist numbers far exceeding capacity, officials have struggled to keep traffic flowing.

The holiday congestion highlights the double-edged sword of surging tourism. While tourism sustains Himachal’s economy, the spike during peak seasons puts severe strain on roads, facilities and the fragile Himalayan ecosystem.

Analysts say madequate infrastructure and unchecked development for tourism are exacerbating the jams. As Himachal emerges as the go-to destination for Indian travelers, better management is needed to handle larger crowds.

For now, locals and tourists alike are bracing for congestion as the holiday rush continues. With the tourist inflow overwhelming Himachal’s resources, visitors may need to brace for bumper-to-bumper journeys amidst stunning mountain vistas.

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