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Pakistani ‘Seema’ to welcome new guest again, know what she said about pregnancy

Sachin's wife Seema Haider talks about giving good news in 2024

Seema Haider, originally from Pakistan and now living in Noida, is in the headlines again. Seema is soon going to become a mother for the fifth time. She herself revealed this in an interview with a news channel.

sachin seema haidar

Talking to a news channel, Seema said, “I will give good news in 2024. I will also distribute sweets. In 2024 it’s Sachin’s birthday and if another birth happens this time then it’s definitely a joy.”

Earlier, Seema had crossed the India-Pakistan border illegally with her four children. She is currently living with her husband Sachin Meena in Noida.

Seema has been embroiled in several controversies but is now going to expand her family again. Seema had talked about building a future for her children in India. A film based on her love story is also going to release soon.

The news of Seema’s pregnancy has brought her into limelight again. The wait has begun for the new guest to arrive in her family.


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