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Why Are Heart Attacks On The Rise Among Young Indians Post-Covid?

Lifestyle Changes And Viral Impact Blamed For Growing Cases

India is witnessing an alarming rise in heart attack cases among young people, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Stories of seemingly healthy teenagers, athletes and celebrities dying of sudden cardiac arrests abound.

Experts blame COVID’s after-effects, sedentary lifestyles and underlying health issues for the growing incidence of heart attacks among Indians below 40 years of age.

Post-covid complications like blood clots, inflammation of heart tissues, etc can increase vulnerability. Doctors advise those recovered from COVID to avoid strenuous exercise for 6-12 months.

Stress, improper sleep, smoking, obesity and vitamin deficiencies are other risk factors. Underlying conditions like diabetes and hypertension also make the young prone to heart attacks when combined with drastic lifestyle changes.

Urban millennials eating more junk food and leading desk-bound lives are developing diabetes, cholesterol and BP early, setting the stage for heart issues.

While the trend is worrying, doctors caution against panicking and say some heart attack cases among youth were also seen pre-covid. Proper screening, regular health check-ups, controlled diet and exercise can help reduce the risk.

Awareness about early heart attack symptoms like mild chest pain, breathlessness and dizziness is crucial, especially post-covid. Timely medical intervention can prevent many young lives from being lost unexpectedly.

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