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Google’s Bard AI Unveils Exciting Upgrades: Image Generation and Expanded Fact-Checking Abilities

Bard's latest update brings forth cutting-edge features, including the ability to generate images from text prompts and enhanced self-fact-checking in over 40 languages.

In a recent development, Google’s conversational AI chatbot, Bard, has undergone a remarkable transformation, introducing novel capabilities that elevate its functionality. The most notable among these upgrades is the introduction of image generation and an expanded fact-checking repertoire.

All-new image generation

Bard now boasts an impressive image generation feature, powered by Google’s updated Imagen 2 model. Users can effortlessly describe an image using natural language, prompting Bard to craft a custom visual masterpiece. Leveraging Imagen 2, the AI can swiftly produce high-quality, photorealistic images on demand.

Imagine instructing Bard with a playful command like “create an image of a dog riding a surfboard.” Instantaneously, the AI conjures up the whimsical scene, offering users a versatile tool for designing, conceptualizing, or simply indulging in creative fun. Google emphasizes Imagen 2’s efficiency, striking a balance between image quality and generation speed. Additionally, the images come equipped with built-in digital watermarks through SynthID technology, differentiating AI creations from human-made artwork.

The company assures users of technical safeguards in place to mitigate harmful content. The training data is meticulously vetted to exclude violent, offensive, or explicit material. Filters are also implemented to prevent the creation of images resembling specific individuals.

Self-fact-checking in more languages

Bard is not just about visuals; it’s also about ensuring the reliability of the information it provides. The double-check feature, which allows users to verify Bard’s responses against reputable online sources, is now available in over 40 languages. Originally limited to English, this enhancement ensures that users across the globe can access factually accurate information at the click of an icon.

Gemini Pro in more languages

Internally, Bard is becoming more adept, thanks to the integration of the advanced Gemini Pro capabilities. These enhancements, expanding to over 40 languages across 230 countries, empower Bard with improved understanding, reasoning, summarizing, and coding abilities. Google asserts that early analysis indicates Bard equipped with Gemini Pro stands out as one of the top-performing AIs available.

With these groundbreaking upgrades, Bard solidifies its position as a versatile AI assistant. The newly introduced image generation feature opens up creative possibilities, while the expanded language support for double-checking enhances the reliability of the information provided by this innovative chatbot.

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