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Maoists torch a dozen cars used to build roads in Chhattisgarh’s Abujhmad district.

In the second incident in less than a month, Maoists set fire to a dozen cars employed in road building in Chhattisgarh’s Abujhmad region, near the state’s Kanker and Narayanpur districts.

On February 19, a mixer truck and JCB equipment used for road building were set on fire in the Kanker district’s Partapur sector.

On Sunday night, a few militants from the banned Communist Party of India (MaoistNorth )’s Bastar Division set fire to eight tractors and four JCB/porcelain machines in Alparas-Gundul hamlet, about 20 kilometres south of Koylibeda police station in the Kanker district.

The majority of the tractors were owned by surrounding villagers and contracted by a Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana contractor (PMGSY).

“This location was far south of the recently constructed Chilparas camp and along the Narayanpur-Kanker interdistrict border area of the Abujhmad region,” a police official explained.

“No one was wounded in the event,” stated another police source. Before going there, the contractor should have told us so that we could have given proper protection. The area is Naxal-infested, and we will need time to get to the location to perform panchnama. The contractors have yet to file a complaint.”

The Abujmad region is unsurveyed land that is greater in area than Goa, and the Narayan district administration is currently attempting to survey it. The neighbourhood has a large concentration of Maoists, according to security forces.

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