Ex-Congress leader jabs Jaishankar in an interview; “Sounds like…”

Former Congress politician Sanjay Jha criticised Union minister of external affairs S Jaishankar’s recent interview with the news agency ANI. From the contentious BBC documentary to his joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Jaishankar gave his perspectives and discussed some of the nation’s modern challenges. Jha, however, claimed that the External Affairs Minister sounded like an RSS pracharak based on his words.

“The more he speaks, the more EAM he produces.” Jaishankar sounds like an RSS pracharak. Puerile thing. He expressed regret in a tweet.

Jaishankar stated that he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time in China in 2011, when Modi was Gujarat’s chief minister. He also stated that he joined the BJP because he believed it was the “appropriate party at the right moment for India’s ascent and progress.”

“I was even considered for this position by the Prime Minister, and I became a minister before joining a political party. Hence, I would be unlike many others who may have likewise worked in bureaucracy before to assuming this position “he remarked.

Earlier, Jha allegedly insulted Jaishankar for labelling George Soros a “old” billionaire. In addition, he suggested that the Union minister’s office adopt “some decorum and respect.”

“Dear Mr Jaishankar, Shame on you for making fun of someone’s age. This is age discrimination. It is revolting. Your office may benefit from some civility and decorum. “But, too much to expect from a man who defended “Ab ki Baar, Trump Sarkar” from his employer,” tweeted Jha.

In response to Soros’s contentious remarks, Jaishankar characterised the billionaire as “old, wealthy, opinionated, and dangerous.” At the Raisina@Sydney conference in Australia, he stated, “I could take the perspective that the individual in question, Mr. Soros, is an old, wealthy, opinionated man sitting in New York who still believes that his opinions should decide how the entire world operates.”

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