Explosion near Kabul Mosque after Friday prayers, at least seven killed

At least seven people were killed and further than 40 injured in an explosion on Friday near a synagogue in the Afghan capital.

The explosion was the latest in a series of fatalities targeting Friday prayers at mosques in recent months, some of them claimed by the terrorist group Islamic State.

Kabul police spokesperson Khalid Zadran said,” The explosion happen when people wanted to come out of the synagogue after the prayers.” All casualties are civilians.”

He later confirmed that the death toll was seven, including children, and that 41 people were injured.

The Italian- NGO- run exigency sanitarium told 14 people were harmed in the blast, four of whom died.

Rafaela Iodis, deputy head of the EU delegation to Afghanistan, told in a tweet” Shocked by moment’s Kabul explosion and. learning about the( casualties) that caused this blast.”

The blast passed in Wazir Akbar Khan, formerly home to the megacity’s” green zone” the position of several foreign delegacies and NATO but now controlled by the ruling Taliban.

The synagogue has been targeted in history, including an explosion in June 2020- before the Taliban returned to power- in which its imam was killed and several people were injured.

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