Iranian President Raisi cancelled interview after refusing to wear my headscarf, says US journalist

CNN anchor Christian Amanpour claimed she could not interview Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi because his aide insisted that she wear a headscarf before Raisi.

Incidentally, the country is in the grip of relentless protests over the death of a young woman who was detained and allegedly tortured by Iran’s ethics police for wearing “inappropriate attire”. At least 31 civilians lost their lives after the violent clashes, AFP news agency reported.

Amanpour was set to solicit Raisi in New York on Thursday, his first on US soil, as the leader visited the megacity for the ongoing session of the UN General Assembly. After weeks of planning and eight hours of installing restatement outfits, lights and cameras, we were ready. But there’s no sign of President Raisey, ” she said in a series of tweets.

Lower than an hour before the interview’s listed time, Raisi’s assistant communicated to Amanpour the chairman’s suggestion that the anchor wears a headscarf due to the ongoing holy months of Muharram and Sagar, a request she” politely accept”.

Raisi’s assistant claimed that the interview would not take place if the condition wasn’t met because it was” an honour”, and appertained to” the situation in Iran”, intimating at ongoing demurrers over the death of a woman following her arrest.

Raisi’s interview with ethics would have come a week after police took 22- time-old Mahsa Amini into guardianship, saying she hadn’t duly covered her hair with an Islamic headscarf, called a hijab, which Iranian women wear. obligatory for. Amini collapsed at a police station and failed three days latterly.

Amini’s death has urged Iranians to take to the thoroughfares of Tehran and another corridor of the country. numerous Iranians, especially youth, have come to view her death as part of the Islamic Republic’s heavy-handed policing and decreasingly violent treatment of youthful women by the ethics police.

Police say she failed of a heart attack and deny that she was abused. The government released videotape footage, purportedly showing the moment of his fall. Her family says she had no history of heart complaints, and her death in police guardianship has sparked a daring demonstration from protesters to protest the beatings and possible arrest.

The US government on Thursday assessed warrants on leaders of Iran’s ethics police and other government agencies following Amini’s death.

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