Christopher Nolan Unapologetically Embraces Fast & Furious Franchise, Declares Love for Every Installment

Renowned Director Shares Affection for Action Series and Reflects on Tenet's Complexity

Renowned filmmaker Christopher Nolan openly expresses his admiration for the Fast & Furious series, highlighting its status as a “tremendous action franchise.” Additionally, he discusses the intricacies of his own film, Tenet, as it gears up for a theatrical re-release.

Director Christopher Nolan, known for his cinematic prowess, unabashedly declares his love for the Fast & Furious franchise, labeling it as more than just a guilty pleasure. In a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Nolan reaffirmed his fondness for the entire franchise, emphasizing his lack of guilt in being a fan. “I have no guilt about being a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise,” Nolan stated emphatically.

Nolan’s appreciation for the series extends to its various installments, with a particular soft spot for Tokyo Drift (2006). He expressed his enjoyment of the movies, suggesting a viewing starting with Tokyo Drift as a standalone experience. Despite its evolving mythology in recent entries, Nolan remains captivated by the franchise’s action-packed nature.

In the same interview, Nolan shed light on his sci-fi thriller Tenet (2020), which divided critics upon its initial release. Admitting its complexity, Nolan clarified, “Tenet is not all comprehensible.” He emphasized that the film is meant to be experienced rather than dissected, urging audiences to immerse themselves in the cinematic journey it offers.

Tenet, featuring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, and Elizabeth Debicki, premiered on September 3, 2020, marking a significant moment in cinema’s pandemic era. Despite varied reactions, including critiques of its complexity, Tenet remains a testament to Nolan’s unique storytelling vision.

As Tenet prepares for a theatrical re-release, Nolan’s reflections on both the Fast & Furious franchise and his own film underscore the diverse landscape of modern cinema, where narratives and experiences continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

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