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Jaya Bachchan’s Relationship Wisdom: Red Flags, Respect, and Love

Veteran Actor Offers Insights on What Makes Relationships Last

In a candid conversation on the latest episode of her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda’s podcast “What the Hell Navya,” Jaya Bachchan delved into the intricacies of relationships, shedding light on what she believes sustains enduring love.

Jaya Bachchan, an icon in Indian cinema and the wife of legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan for over five decades, shared her perspective on the podcast, emphasizing the significance of respect and manners in fostering healthy relationships.

Addressing a question from Navya about ‘red flags’ in relationships, Jaya was unequivocal: “Bad manners would be a big red flag.”

The seasoned actor expressed her disdain for the casual use of ‘tu’ and ‘tum’ in conversation, emphasizing that respect forms the bedrock of love. “Until you respect someone, there will be no love. Boundaries are very important,” she remarked.

Reflecting on her enduring relationship with Amitabh Bachchan, which began when he was still establishing himself in the film industry, Jaya highlighted compatibility, understanding, and adjustment as pillars of their love.

However, she offered a nuanced perspective to the younger generation, cautioning against mistaking relationships for love. “You guys have relationships, not love,” she observed.

The conversation extended beyond romantic relationships, touching on the importance of self-love and deriving happiness from within. Jaya reminisced about advice from her mother-in-law, Teji Bachchan, advocating for fewer expectations from others to mitigate disappointment.

“What the Hell Navya,” a podcast featuring three generations of Bachchan women, explores topics ranging from love to work to life. In its second season, the podcast provides a platform for Jaya, Navya, and Shweta Bachchan to share their insights and experiences with a broader audience.

Jaya Bachchan’s reflections offer valuable insights into the intricacies of relationships, reminding listeners of the enduring importance of respect, understanding, and self-reliance in matters of the heart.

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