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What is the best way to use the same WhatsApp account on two Android devices

Currently, WhatsApp is adding new features to the app on a regular basis, including support for tablets for its existing ‘Linked Devices’ feature. Do you know that you can also use WhatsApp on two devices at the same time with this feature? The following steps will guide you through the process.

The premise

Users can trick a second Android phone into appearing as a tablet, and then allow WhatsApp to link this tablet to the first phone, allowing you to use the same account on both devices. This trick was first spotted by Android Authority.

In order to accomplish this, we will refer to the primary phone as Phone A and the secondary phone as Phone B. Here is what you need to do in order to get started.

Configuring Phone A

The regular WhatsApp application will not suffice on your primary phone, and you must upgrade to the beta version. The latest WhatsApp beta APK can be downloaded from APKmirror if you are not yet enrolled in WhatsApp’s beta program. It is recommended that you use version or higher.

With the WhatsApp Beta version on Phone A, you will be able to connect your tablets to the service. (Decca Photo)

The downloaded APK should be installed over your existing WhatsApp account without requiring any additional setup. As shown in the image above, WhatsApp has notified you that tablets are now supported in Linked Devices on your home screen.

Configuring Phone B

Make sure you do not already have WhatsApp active on a second Android device. This phone will appear as a tablet to Android before we proceed.

It is necessary to go to the Developer Settings to accomplish this. The path to the Developer Settings page will vary depending on what phone you have, but a quick Google search should help you find it.

On the Developer Settings page, locate the setting ‘Smallest Width’ and note the original value (which is generally between 300 and 500). Once this value has been changed to 600, it should be saved.

Your text, icons, and other UI elements will immediately become smaller, creating the effect of a tablet. The problem will only last for a short period of time, so do not worry.

It is now possible to install the WhatsApp APK file on Phone B. You will be asked to choose a language and accept the terms and conditions during the setup process. Here, instead of seeing the usual WhatsApp setup process, you should see a QR code, similar to what is displayed when using WhatsApp Web in a web browser.

If you trick Phone B into thinking that it is a tablet, you will be able to see this QR code when you set up WhatsApp Beta. (Deccan Photo)

Bringing it all together

You can now use Phone A (your primary device) to navigate to the Linked Devices menu and scan the QR code on Phone B (your secondary device). In your main page, the Linked Devices menu can be found in the three-dot menu.

As soon as this is completed, the second device should easily connect, allowing you to utilize the same WhatsApp account on both devices.

You can now return to Developer Settings/ Smallest Width on Phone B and set the value back to its original value. Despite this, WhatsApp will continue to work with the same account, so your text and UI should return to normal.

Would you like to share the same account on another Android device? To add a third device, you can follow the same procedure over there as well.

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