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Vinicius Jr. of Real Madrid claims LaLiga is doing nothing to combat racism.

Vinicius Jr, a Brazilian forward for Real Madrid, accused LaLiga on Saturday of continuing to do nothing about racist spectators at matches, after social media footage showed fans shouting abuse and throwing items at him during a match the day before.

LaLiga issued a statement condemning all forms of hate speech and stating that it would investigate racist incidents at the match.

Real Madrid defeated Real Valladolid 2-0 on Friday at the Jose Zorrilla stadium in Valladolid. As Vinicius walked through fans after being substituted, it appeared that he was exposed to insults.

Vinicius posted on Twitter: “Racists continue to attend stadiums and observe the world’s greatest team up close, while LaLiga continues to do nothing.”

“I will continue to celebrate my achievements and those of Madrid with my head raised high.”

In September, Atletico Madrid supporters were captured directing racial insults towards the 22-year-old outside their Wanda Metropolitano Stadium prior to a Real Madrid match.

The league stated in a statement on Saturday that it was investigating Friday’s match.

“LaLiga has identified racial slurs hurled from the stands of the Zorrilla stadium and posted on social media,” the Spanish premier league announced.
As in the past, “These facts will be reported to the Anti-Violence Commission and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for hate crimes,” it stated.

The league described how it had dealt with incidences of racial abuse against players in the past and stated that it will continue to combat “the plague of violence, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance in sport.”


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